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Paradise Hitters Volleyball Club


The Paradise Hitters Volleyball Club (“PHVC”) was established during the 2015/2016 season to represent the feeder club for the Bermuda Junior Girls National Volleyball Teams (JNTG). Since its inception, PHVC has grown from one team and 16 players to a 2019/2020 season end of five teams and 88 players. Each team generally trains on a Tuesday or Wednesday night and a Saturday morning. JNTG / PHVC teams have participated in U12-U21 divisions in overseas tournaments and have traveled throughout the US and Caribbean. Our teams also participate in the BVA sponsored Women’s Winter League, Women’s Indoor Tournament and the annual Bermuda Open.

This program, along with all other BVA programs, are run on a 100% volunteer basis and through the generous support of our sponsors. We want to thank our sponsors, coaches, team managers, administrators and parents for everything that you do. Whether it’s one hour or many hours or one dollar or many dollars, our success is a direct result of the team effort that continues from year to year. Thank you very much.

If you’re interested in supporting the program, in any way, please contact Gary LeBlanc (

2020/2021 Season Information


(Please read carefully. Pre-Registration & Season Registration Links are below)


Due to the occurrence of the current COVID-19 pandemic, everything outlined below is subject to change with very little notice. We ask for everyone’s patience during this time. Our goal is to provide as much consistency as possible, however there will be matters that are out of our control that may affect the season. We will do our best to provide updates as soon as possible.


It is anticipated that the 2020/2021 season will have the following training groups:

  • U13
  • U14 / U15
  • U16
  • U17 / U18

Initial team composition will be based on the number of players registered, age, skill, team need and prior history. The month of September will be used to assess all players and by September 30th any changes the coaches deem appropriate, will be made


The first half of the season will consist of training and Winter League participation and there will be NO overseas tournament travel. Teams are planned to train on a Tuesday or Wednesday night and Saturday (morning / afternoon). Practice sessions will be 1 ½ hours during the week and 2 hours during the weekend. Beginning in November, certain teams will participate in the Women’s Winter League on Monday nights and ALL teams will participate in the (new) Paradise Hitters Winter League on Sundays.

The first half of the season will be September 12th through December 12th, 2020. For specific times and locations of team practice and leagues, please see 2020/2021 Season Calendar.


The second half of the season will consist of training, Winter League participation as well as planned participation in overseas tournaments at the end of February / beginning of March and during the third week of May.

The second half of the season will be January 4th through April / May, 2021. For specific times and locations of team practice and leagues, please see below.


Please click here for the JNT SEASON CALENDAR. This calendar is through December 2020 and subject to change based on gym availability and any changes will be communicated directly with the players, as necessary. This calendar will be updated once the gym schedule for the second half of the season has been confirmed. Please see below for further description of the leagues and planned overseas tournaments.

Women’s & Men’s Winter League

The Women’s & Men’s Winter League is the BVA sponsored league where certain Paradise Hitters and Big Wave Riders teams participate. League participation is limited and once the season has started, competing teams will be named during October.

PH Winter League

The Paradise Hitters (PH) Winter League is new for the 2020/2021 season and will include ALL PH teams. The league will be designed into a 10 week long, two rung ladder system and will operate similarly to the BVA sponsored Winter Leagues. Rung #1 will consist of the top four teams and envisioned to play during the 2pm – 4pm time slot. Rung #2 will consist of the remaining teams and envisioned to play during the 12pm – 2pm time slot.

Boston Volleyball Festival

The Boston Volleyball Festival will be over the following two weekends: February 26-28 and March 5-7. Teams will travel according to what weekend their divisions play. Generally speaking, teams will depart Bermuda on Thursday, play Friday through Sunday and return to Bermuda on Monday. Additional details will be available in November.

FC Power Championships

The FC Power Championships are scheduled for May 22-23. This two-day tournament will be held in Daytona Beach, Florida. Teams will depart Bermuda on Friday, player Saturday and Sunday and return to Bermuda on Monday. Additional details well be available in November.


Season Registration Fees

Season Registration Fees are $800 and payable in two installments. The first installment of $400 is due at Season Registration (outlined below) and due no later than October 15th. Players will not be able to train if this fee is not paid by the stated deadline.

The second installment will be due in February 2021 but will be tied to the annual fundraising raffle which will be further discussed in more detail in November.

This Season Registration Fee applies to any player who registers (at any point) during the first half of the season (define above). In certain circumstances, players may be eligible to enter the program during the second half of the season. In these cases, Season Registration Fees apply at discounted rates.

Player Tournament Fees

If a player is selected for a traveling team, a Player Tournament Fee, ranging in the amount of $250 – $350 (per tournament), will be due approximately two weeks after the traveling team is named. Failure to pay this fee by the time of departure will result in the player not traveling and possibly owing for expenses incurred due to last minute travel changes.

Refunds Due To COVID-19

The season may be suspended for periods of time or cancelled completely due to the changing, global, COVID-19 environment. If this occurs, and regardless of when it occurs, an assessment will be made during June 2021 to review whether or not a refund is due.


The 2020/2021 registration process is a multi-step process, consisting of a Pre-Registration Process, BVA Membership Process and a Season Registration Process. Please read, carefully, the instructions below in order to register for the 2020/2021 Season.


Pre-Registration opens September 1st and this process must be followed by ALL players (returning or new). This registration form is managed through TeamSnap. By clicking the link below, you will be taken to a TeamSnap login page. If you are a returning player, please login with your existing account details and if you are a new player, please create a new account. If you have forgotten your login details use the forgot password functionality on the website. If you continue to have problems, please contact Gary LeBlanc (

Once logged in, follow the instructions carefully and complete the Pre-Registration Form. There is no fee to be paid at the time of Pre-Registration. Please review your player profile information to ensure it is correct and up to date as TeamSnap is our primary contact information database. Lastly, please upload a current headshot (only) to your player profile. We need a basic photo attached to your profile, so please do not upload fully body pictures or pictures with other people in them.

By completing this Pre-Registration process, you have let the coaches know that you are ready to be placed on a team and in order to start practice on September 12th, Pre-Registration must be completed no later than Wednesday, September 9th. On September 11th, player placements will be posted below so that you know when and where to be for your first practice.

For any new players that are interested in playing but are past the above deadlines, please proceed with the Pre-Registration process and notify Gary LeBlanc ( that your Pre-Registration has been completed. Further instructions will be provided upon the successful completion of the Pre-Registration process.

Please click below for the 2020/2021 Paradise Hitters Pre-Registration



BVA COVID-19 Waiver

All players must complete the BVA COVID-19 Waiver in order to begin training. Further details on this process will be posted by September 11th.

BVA Youth Membership

If you are a new player, you will need to register with the BVA as Youth Member. This is a $0 membership for all junior (anyone under the age of 18) players. Upon completion of this membership process a membership number will be generated, however you will not receive the number via email. Please email Gary LeBlanc ( to receive your number. This number will be used throughout the season for various matters.

If you are a returning player, you will find your number when the team placements are listed on September 11th. Please take note of this number as it will be used during the season for various matters.

Please click below for the BVA Youth Membership Registration




Season Registration

Season Registration opens October 1st and must be completed by all players who wish to continue with the program past their assessment period.

Please click below for the 2020/2021 Full Season Registration (Opens October 5th)


2020/2021 Paradise Hitter Teams

Please see below for the team places as of September 11th. These teams will be the practice teams through the end of September but placements may change. Please see the  for the corresponding practice times and locations.

Coaching & Team Manager Staff

Our coaching staff consist of dedicated individuals who are not only passionate about the sport but passionate about encouraging our juniors to be the best players they can be by providing an environment that provides sound fundamental training, challenges players to go beyond their limits, provides in-depth knowledge of the game and trying to have a little fun while doing it. Most of our coaches have numerous years of experience playing high level club, college or university and Bermuda National Team (Senior) volleyball.

All Head & Assistant Coaches are SCARS certified.

JNT COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Due to current government regulations and recommendations, we have implemented additional policies and procedures that we will follow before, during and after practice sessions as well as implementing return to play rules when players or player household members have traveled abroad. Please click here for the 

Also, refer to BVA Updates on COVID-19 that affect all programs.

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