The BVA runs the following leagues each summer:

Co-Ed League – Competitive (4-a-side)

There are 2 competitive 4’s divisions.  This is a competitive beach league played Tuesday OR Thursday nights.  Teams must consist of at least 2 females.

Co-Ed League: Recreational (4-a-side)

There are 2 recreational 4’s leagues.  The Recreational 4s leagues are a fun beach league played Monday OR Wednesday nights.  Teams must consist of at least 2 females.

Queen of the Beach

Queen of the Beach is 2-a-side league .  Each net has either 4 or 5 players and each week you play with everyone on your net, against everyone on your net.  The top player on the net moves up a net, and the bottom player moves down a net.  Points are awarded based on your record for the week.  At the end of the summer the player with the most points is crowned “Queen” of the beach!  Played on Monday nights.

2s League – Competitive (Co-Ed, Men’s & Women’s)

Competitive 2-a-side beach league, where you register with a partner.  We offer a Women’s League (Mondays), Coed League (Tuesdays) and Men’s League (Wednesdays).

All leagues play at Horseshoe.  For registration info and play dates see the calendar.