Listing of Prior Winners of BVA Junior Development Award Bursary

Listing NJASP Winners

4 Volleyball Bursaries will be provided annually to existing Junior National Team (JNT) athletes.  Two will be awarded to female candidates and two to male candidates, however awards may be reallocated if there is a lack of interest from a specific JNT.  The amount of awards to be determined annually based on Youth Development Budget.


  • The BVA Junior Development Award Bursary reflects the BVA’s commitment to the development of youth players in Bermuda. 
  • The aim of the Awards is to give talented volleyball players an opportunity to develop their skills by offering the highest standards in coaching and training. 
  • The BVA Junior Development Award Bursary is guided by the BVA’s Mission Statement.


  • All applicants must be current members of the BVA’s Junior National Team Program. 
  • All applicants must be up to date with all cash calls for training and travel. 
  • Applicants must demonstrate outstanding ability as well as the potential to compete at the National & International level down the road.

To download the Application Forms for 2021 please click on the links below.

BVA Junior Development Award Bursary Application

2021 Player Self-Assessment Form

Adjudication Process

  • The BVA Executive Committee will establish a Review Panel to consider recommendations for Awards. 
  • All applications should be submitted to the BVA’s Youth Development Officer for consideration by the Panel.
  • The Panel will consider the following criteria in assessing individual applications:
    • Succession planning – addressing current and future positional needs, mindful of the turnover of players
    • Depth of Key Specialized Positions, i.e. setters / liberos
    • Recognition of the Individuals Team Impact and Future Potential
    • Leadership abilities
    • Prior applications and awards
  • The Panel shall provide their recommendations to the BVA Executive Committee for approval.
  • All applicants shall be notified of the outcome of their application as soon as practical after the finalization of the award list.

Conditions of Acceptance of a Scholarship

  • All awardees shall sign a Bursary Contract.
  • Bursary awards are valid for one year only from the date of notification and must be reapplied for on an annual basis.
  • Following the overseas experience, the awardee must provide a written report to the Youth Development Coordinator, summarizing the trip and supplement the report with photos if possible
  • Awardees must remain in financial good standing with the BVA throughout the year to remain eligible.
  • Awardees must continue in the National Junior Program throughout the year.
  • Awardees must comply with the BVA’s Player Code of Conduct Policy.
  • All awardees must display at all time an appropriate standard of conduct and sportsmanship.  Awardees shall never engage in any activity which may potentially bring the BVA into disrepute.

Time Frame

  • Junior Development Award Bursary application forms are to be sent out at the beginning of January each year.
  • Applicants have 30 days in which to submit their applications to the BVA’s Youth Development Officer.
  • Review Panel will review applications and create recommendations for the BVA to approve within 30 days of receipt of applications.
  • Following BVA Approval, all applicants will be notified by the Youth Development Officer of the decision regarding their application.  Successful applicants will also be sent the Bursary Contract for execution.
  • Quarterly review at BVA Executive Meetings regarding progress of bursary awards.

Payment Process

  • Eligible expenses include airfare, camp registration fees and accommodations up to the total value of the bursary.
  • Bursary awards will be paid following the submission of proof of payment for volleyball camps to the BVA Youth Development Officer. 
  • If in the event, that the full amount of the bursary is not used, then only the amount actually spent will be reimbursed.