1)     The BVA must comply with all drug testing and anti-doping regulations as enforced by the Bermuda Sport Anti Doping Authority (“BSADA”).

2)      BSADA is the appointed Bermuda regulatory body for the World Anti-Doping Agency (“WADA”) and the Domestic Illicit Drug Program as required by the Bermuda Government.

Domestic Illicit Drug Program:

1)     The Domestic Program tests for illegal narcotics

2)     The BVA requires that all members sign their agreement to be subject to random drug testing as selected by BSADA via the Membership Application.  Failure to take the test or failure of the test results in an automatic 1 year suspension from the BVA, therefore making that person ineligible to participate in any BVA events.

3)     A membership listing must be maintained by the BVA inclusive of member names and complete contact information.  The membership listing is maintained in EZ Facility.

4)     The list must be supplied to BSADA no less than annually.

5)     Failure to comply with the requirements of BSADA will result in the loss of any and all government funding.

6)     Members are subject to either random testing or pre-event testing:

a)     Random testing can be performed on up to 10% of the membership.

b)     The Pre-Event Testing is in a requirement of the Bermuda Government This program tests athletes and managing personnel for teams representing Bermuda overseas in competitions. This is meant to include National Teams and Representative Teams participating in international competitions (regional, Olympic qualifying tournaments etc.)


1)     BSADA’s program to administer the WADA requirements is the Performance Enhancing Testing Policy.

2)     Program focuses on elite athletes, coaches, trainers, team managers, etc. all of which are subject to the testing at once their names have been submitted for a WADA sanctioned event (within 12 months of competition date, such as NatWest Island Games).

3)     Compliance with WADA and Bermuda Sport Anti Doping Authority – The Association supports, without reservation, drug-free sport, and efforts both locally and internationally to eradicate drug cheating in sport. Accordingly, all members shall be bound by the provisions of the WADA Code, and the rules and procedural guidelines of WADA and of its local affiliate, the Bermuda Sport Anti Doping Authority (BSADA). Further, acceptance for membership of the Association at any and all levels shall imply acceptance by those persons of their being bound and subject to the anti-doping rules of the international federation to which we are affiliated (NORCECA and FIVB) and BSADA. The Association is also a signatory to the BSADA Illicit Drug Programme which seeks to eradicate the use of illicit drugs in sport, and therefore agrees with and accepts its responsibility to all procedural requirements in support of this programme as outlined in the Illicit Drug Policy and its accompanying Testing and Results Management Standards.