Special thanks to Corona for a great day! corona

Coed 2s

1. Double Trouble – Allison Lacoursiere and Daniel Fiddick
2. Hot Tomales – Beth Rae and Mike Gazzard
3. Keke, Do You Love Me?  – Nicole Volek and Keiran Hamilton
Coed 4s – Competitive 
1. Just Get It Up  – Alana Rathbun, Jade Weaver, Richard Madeiros and Alex Styche
2. Serves You Right – Yulia Iseava, McKenna O’Donnell, Conor Somerville and Matthew van Berk
3. Swipe Right – Greg Bell, Erica Frith, Shiloh Walen and Wes Toavs
Consolation Winners Hold My Beer – Jayson Axalan, Grant Davidson, Ryan deJesus, Fhe Nery, Julius Ondoy & Ana Liza Perez
Coed 4s – Recreational 
1. Mission Unblockable – Tristan Mullan, Riley Rego, Cailey Longworth and Katrina McPhee
2. Son of a Beach – Ryann DeVera & Co.
3. Odd Balls – Grace Edy, Natasha Hallinan, Adrian Hartnett-Beasley and James Morgan
Swipe Right Son of a Beach Serves You Right Mission Unblockable Keke Just Get it Up Hot Tamales Hold My Beer Double Trouble