Congratulations to all of the team who participated in this year’s Spring League, sponsored by Corona!  The final night was a great way to end the season with a mini-tournament, DJ and beverages provided by Corona / Goslings!

 Competitive Division

Jump Serve


1st Place – Jump Serve to Win



2nd Place / Rung 1 winner – GForce

Mixed Nuts


3rd Place – Mixed Nuts

I\'d Hit That


Rung 2 Winners – I’d Hit That

Recreational Division

 Tuff Dogs


1st Place – Tuff Dogs

Bermy Aces


2nd Place – Bermy Aces

 Kiss my pass


3rd Place & Rung 1 Winners – Kiss My Pass



Rung 2 Winners – Slaminators


Rung 3 Winners – KPMG