All BVA Leagues and Clinics (and most other BVA events throughout the year), require a current paid BVA membership.

*BVA membership year runs from October 1st to September 30th*

Not a member? Not a problem, you can register online in minutes and the membership fee can be easily paid by online banking transfer.  There are 4 different memberships below which give you access to all BVA programs, and keeps you updated on BVA events and news.

2019-21 Two Year Membership  $50

October 2019 through September 2021


2019-24 Five Year Membership  $100

October 2019 through September 2024


Lifetime Year Membership  $150

Pay once and be done! 🙂



One Year Youth Registration is Free!

Youth membership is for anyone age 18 and under.  Membership will continue through September 30 of the year you turn 18.



Complete your membership application by using your existing membership number.  Please refer to Membership Numbers to find your number and see if you are in good standing.

*BVA membership is not required to compete in the Spring Corporate Tournament or the open Summer Beach Tournaments*